West Mifflin #3 Volunteer Fire Company

Unit : 295 Truck

Year : 1989

Model : Grumman Aerial Cat

In March of 1998 the company purchased from the Cherry Hill, NJ company a 1989 95′ Grumman aerial tower at a cost of $275,000.

The truck had been on reserve status since 1994 and is in excellent condition.  Modifications were necessary in order for the building to accommodate the larger vehicle.  It was necessary to raise the garage door 24″ at a cost of 10,000.  An additional $12,000 of new equipment and lighting were purchased for the aerial.

Some of the features found on the aerial include:

  • A totally enclosed cab for all firefighters to ride inside.
  • An automatic transmission
  • A 95′ aerial device with a full size ladder to the basket giving us the capability of mass evacuation without moving the aerial device.
  • A waterway capable of flowing 2,000 gallons per minute
  • A tandem rear axle for added stability and braking power.

Some of the equipment carried on the aerial will include a 12,000 watt diesel generator, electric cord reels, portable and stationary lighting, ventilation fans and rescue stokes baskets.

The truck fully loaded has an approximate weight of 67,000 pounds.  The overall height is 11′ 10″ with a length of 45′ 3″.  The basket capacity while not flowing water is 1,000 pounds.  While flowing water the capacity is 500 pounds.