West Mifflin #3 Volunteer Fire Company

Crews Received an Early Wake Up Call


Tuesday, January 20, 2015 0650  295 Crews were awoken at approx. 0650hrs this morning for a report of a possible house on fire on Lebanon Road in District 296. Crews were updated enroute that PD was on scene with a fully involved house fire. 296 Engine arrived on scene and 296 Captain (Youkers) took the Lebanon road command with a single story residential structure fully involved. 296 Command called for defensive operations. 295 Truck was used for Aerial Master Stream operation, 295 Rescue took a hydrant and was the dedicated water supply for 295 Truck. Crews on scene worked the exterior attack for a little under 2 hours before the incident was placed under control by command. Companies on scene were 296, 295, 232, 292, 180, and 203. A special thank you to 131 and 161 for standing by in station 295 while crews were working. The incident went well and everyone came home, Great Job by all.   




Lost Load shuts down State Route 837 for the better portion of the day.


Monday, January 19, 2015 1119  Station 295 was dispatched to assist WMPD with closing down State Route 837 between New England Road and Lebanon School Road. A Tractor Trailer that was overheight for the tunnel lost its load of steel pipes after losing its brakes and going through the tunnel at Lebanon School road. Luckily there were no other vehicles involved and nobody was injured in the incident.   




Crews Help rescue a man from local business rooftop


Wednesday, July 31, 2013   Members of Station 295 were summonsed for a mutual aid assist into District 296 Wednesday for a reported high angle rescue. Baldwin EMS Received a call for a male that fell from a ladder at a local business upon arrival on scene they found that a worker had fallen along with a catwalk style ladder to a sub roof approx. 20-25 feet of the ground. The worker was ascending the cat walk style ladder from the sub roof to the main roof and when he was near the top of the approx. 20 foot tall ladder it became dislodged from the structure and collapsed to the sub roof with the victim falling with it. Baldwin EMS immediately put in the special request for rescue from the West Mifflin Dispatch Center. Units from 296 and 295 were dispatched to assist Truck 232 was then dispatched for their bucket ladder truck as Truck 295 is currently Out of service for repairs. Crews worked together and made access to the Pt. then assessed, treated, and packaged the Pt. on the rooftop before utilizing 232 truck to lower the Pt. to the ground. Crews used their skills in Ladders, Rope, and First Aid to assist the EMS. The Pt. was transported to a local trauma center by Baldwin EMS. Crews worked together and had the Pt. safely rescued and transported within 45 minutes of the Original Call. All Crews on scene did a phenomenal job. The Officers and Members of the West Mifflin #3 VFC would like to wish the victim a quick and painless recovery from their traumatic event.   




Severe Storms Strike West Mifflin Hard

Wednesday, July 10, 2013   Crews have been working feverishly since 0700 this morning running upwards of 20+ calls, Including 2 rescues of persons in their flooded vehicles, multiple flooded basements, Multiple tree/wires down calls, and 2 structures struck by lightning. We ask that everyone remember to NOT drive through standing water and stay at home if you can. It looks as if the volunteers will not get any rest as there is a lot of clean up to be completed, and another round of severe storms set to hit the area this evening.   




18- Wheeler Overturns and Closes Local Roadway for over 4 hours


Monday, March 25, 2013 1500 Stations 295, 296, 510 and WMPD were Dispatched to the 1000 Block of New England Road in West Mifflin (District 295) for a reported 18 Wheeler Overturned with Unknown Injuries or Entrapment. 295 Rescue (Lt. Schwab) arrived on scene to find a Tractor Trailer on its Passenger side across both lanes of a 2 lane opposite lanes of travel double yellow line divided roadway, with a Large Debris Field and Copious amounts of Fluids on the Roadway. 296 Engine arrived directly after shortly followed by 295 Squad (Meg.Wichelmann),295 Command (Chief Schwab), and 296 Squad. Chief Schwab met with Lt. Schwab for a report before Acquiring Command of the Incident. Crews Confirmed that there was No Entrapment. Single Occupant was out walking around the Scene before being assisted to EMS (Sta.510) for Evaluation. Luckily for the Occupant he was uninjured and was not in need of transport by EMS. Driver and Witness Statements concurred that speed was not a factor in the incident, it appeared as if his “Load” a large Steel Roll had shifted, Causing the vehicle to roll. Crews Utilized Absorbent Materials to Damn off Storm drains and Waterways before any of the Fluids could make their way into them. Crews also spread Absorbent around the “Hot Zone” of the Incident to minimize further Contamination of People and Equipment. McGann and Chester was notified for the Tow and Clean up of the incident and arrived in force with a very professional and hard working crew. The Vehicle was up righted and clean up commenced. PENN-DOT was notified to respond to evaluate the roadway and damage caused by the incident. Once the roadway was clear of the vehicle and all fluids/ debris Command reopened the road and cleared all units back in service before Terminating Command. All in all the incident could have had a very devastating outcome, but luckily was only a minor incident. With the exception of the disruption of traffic for 4 plus hours, and damage to the roadway/ guide rail and vehicle No One was injured or killed which is always a positive at the end of the day.   Click on a Picture Below to see more Media from the Incident.





Crews Start the Day with Snowy MVC


Monday, March 25, 2013 1217 Crews Started the day off with a Mutual Aid run for a Snowy Motor Vehicle Collision as they were Summonsed to Delwar Rd (District 296) for a vehicle over the hillside with reports that everyone was out of the vehicle. 295 Command (Chief Schwab) and 295 Rescue (Lt. Schwab) responded within Minutes. 296 Engine arrived and took command of the incident, finding a Single Vehicle MVC, vehicle was on all fours approximately 40 feet over the hillside resting against a tree. Thankfully the only occupant was out of the vehicle and up on the roadway being tended too by EMS (Sta.510) with minor injuries. 295 Chief and the Rescue arrived to support Engine 296 moments after their arrival. Crews stood by on scene while the towing company retrieved the vehicle to the roadway and cleared it from the scene. EMS Transported to a local hospital, and the Units were cleared by command.





Crews Assist Allegheny County Airport for a plane with a wheel collapsed.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013 1143 Stations 295 and 296 were Dispatched to the Allegheny County Airport in District 295 to assist Corporate Air Employees with a Plane that had a wheel collapse while on the ground. 295 Rescue (Lt. C. Schwab) and 296 Engine Responded, Crews arrived at the hanger to find the Aircraft leaning on its side with a Wing Wheel collapsed. Lt. C. Schwab took incident command. It was found that there was no souls on board and no fluid leaks or other life hazards on scene.  Command ordered the Crews to Utilize Airbags and 4×4 Box Cribbing to lift the plane enough for the Employees to lock the wheel into the down position and tow it into the hanger for repairs. Crews Worked the scene for approximately an hour without further incident before command was terminated.





Icy Early Morning Wake Up Call at Spring Hill Suites

Thursday, January 24, 2013 0324 On Thursday, January 24th, at 0324hrs, Stations 296 & 295 were dispatched to Spring Hill Suites at 1000 Regis Avenue for Multiple Fire Alarms going off, and that evacuation of hotel guests was in progress.

Dispatch updated moments later, that water was coming from upper floors through the lobby area.

Upon arrival of 295 Engine (D.C. Koenig), guests were in their cars in the parking lot, and water was coming out of the main entrance doors creating an icy mess.

Crews found a ruptured water pipe in the vaulted ceiling above the stairwell on side delta.  A sloppy and muddy debris, plaster, and drywall sludge had formed in the hallways, and made quite a mess.  From the staff on scene, it only took approximately 7-10 minutes for the damage to be done.

Hotel management began calling other local hotels in our area to send hotel guests to, and crews began escorting guests to their rooms to gather their belongings.  The incident was put under control, and 296 Chief released 295 Engine.

We should note that with the cold weather we are having in the low teens, and sub-zero temperatures, we stress that keeping outside water pipes, and pipes that are at risk of freezing, insulated and/or traced with UL Listed heat tape to prevent the pipes from bursting.  Water damage from a burst pipe can be quite costly.





Crews Work a One Vehicle Motor Vehicle Collision with Rollover & Entrapment


Tuesday, January 22, 2013 2233 On January 22, 2013 at 2233hrs. Stations 295, 296, & 510 were dispatched along with the WMPD for a Rescue assignment to the area of 1738 Clairton Road District 295 for a reported MVC rollover with unknown entrapment.  295 Chief (Chief Schwab) was the first emergency unit to arrive on scene and found a 1 Vehicle MVC, Vehicle on its side in the Driveway of 1738 Clairton Road. 295 Chief took the Incident Command reporting 1 victim in the vehicle unresponsive, an Approx. 50 yard debris field and fluids on the ground. 510 Medic units arrived shortly after along with 296 Engine and 295 Rescue (D.C Koenig). Crews stabilized the vehicle utilizing 4×4 cribbing and rescue struts. 510 Medics gained access to the Pt. compartment through the back hatch and started to initiate care. Rescue crews utilized a glass master tool to cut out the Windshield of the vehicle creating an egress route for extrication. Rescue and EMS crews were able to stabilize the Pt. C-Spine and extricate from the vehicle.  Crews on scene completed a secondary search of the vehicle and surrounding area for any other victims, none were found. A 510 Medic Unit transported the Pt. to a local trauma facility while crews stood by until the vehicle was up righted at which time they cleared the debris field and contained the fluids. The vehicle was removed from the scene, All units were cleared and Chief Schwab terminated the command at 2337hrs. Crews worked the scene for a little over an hour before the roadway was reopened for normal traffic flow. Station 295 would like to thank all units on scene for a quick and smooth operation and we wish the occupant a speedy recovery from their injuries.





Black Friday Fire at Sears Century III Mall


Friday, November 23, 2012  On Black Friday, November 23rd, 2012, shortly before 9am, Station 295 & 296 were dispatched to Sears at Century III Mall for a large amount of smoke in the store.

Upon arrival, crews began investigating the store for the source of the smoke.  It was determined that the smoke was coming from an elevator motor room.

Crews made entry to the room, and found that the room was engulfed in flames from the elevator motor.  Crews began to knock the fire, and were able to contain the fire to the motor room.  However due to the fire, the hydraulic oil lines had let go, and allowed oil to travel into the store itself creating quite a mess.

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