West Mifflin #3 Volunteer Fire Company

West Mifflin #3 Volunteer Fire Company Apparatus

Current Apparatus

295 Truck

  Grumman Aerial Cat

In March of 1998 the company purchased from the Cherry Hill, NJ company a 1989 95′ Grumman aerial tower at a cost of $275,000.

The truck had been on reserve status since 1994 and is in excellent condition.  Modifications were necessary in order for the building to accommodate the larger vehicle.  It was necessary to raise the garage door 24″ at a cost of 10,000.  An additional $12,000 of new equipment and lighting were purchased for the aerial.

Some of the feature…

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295 Rescue

  Saulsbury Heavy Rescue Pumper

Our Saulsberry Spartan Rescue is designed for rescue calls, as well as firefighting.

For firefighting the truck is equipped with:

  • 1500 gallon per minute fire pump
  • 500 gallon water tank
  • 130 gallon foam tank
  • Pre-connected hand-lines
  • 1500 feet of 5″ water supply hose.

For rescue calls this unit is equipped with:

  • Four pre-connected hydraulic rescue tools
  • Rescue air bags & air shores
  • 30 KW hydraulic driven generator
  • 9000 watt light tower
  • and many other portable rescue tools.

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295 Engine


2,000 GPM, 750 gallon water tank, 50 gallon of foam (class B), 1,500′ of 5″ supply line,

BLS EMS equipment, pre-piped deck gun, portable deck gun, 7 pre-connected hand lines

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295 Squad

  Ford F-350

295 Squad is used as a support vehicle, It is equipped with VHF / UHF radios. Carries a lock out kit, BLS  EMS  Bag, Brooms, Shovels, 6 Bags of Oil Dry, and 5 PFD’s.

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Retired Apparatus

295 Command

  Ford Explorer

295 Command is used as a take home vehicle for the Chief, or highest ranked officer if the Chief is OOS. It is equipped with VHF and UHF  radios (Mobile and Portable) A Set of Irons, A bag of Oil Dry, Broom, Shovel, a 30# Dry Chemical Extinguisher, Rabbit Tool, Heat Gun, SCBA, and the Chiefs PPE  Gear.

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